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Automobiles in 1967

AMC JavelinAMC Javelin

AMC's answer to the Barracuda, Camaro, and Mustang was introduced on August 22, 1967, and went on sale on September 26, 1967. The only totally new production model to be introduced in 1967 (as a 1968 model), the Javelin had a base price of $2,743.

Available only in a two-door hardtop body style, the Javelin came in "base" and SST models. The standard engines were a 232-cubic inch straight-6 and a 290-cubic inch two-barrel carburetor V-8. Other engine combinations were available, up to a 390-cubic inch V-8. With the standard 232, the Javelin cruised at 80 miles per hour when equipped with an automatic transmission, while the 290 had a top speed of 100 miles per hour.

Ford ComutaFord Comuta

Unveiled at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show, the Comuta was designed and built by Ford of Great Britain. So small that three of them could fit in a standard parking space, the Comuta was definitely designed with crowded city streets in mind. Although it had a top speed of 40 mph, the Comuta's promoters stressed that a maximum 25 was recommended if the driver wanted to get the full 40 miles its batteries could go before recharging.

Although there are a few pictures and videos around showing the Comuta in action, it is not known whether the Comuta ever went into full production.

In the Year 1967

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