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Zoo Pics, 1958

Giraffe mother Maud proudly presents her son John to the public for the first time since his birth in a London, England, zoo.
Maud and John

A joey peeks from its mother's pouch at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois.
Chicago joey

At the Moscow Zoo in Russia, an attendant feeds the first giant panda to come out of China in many years.
panda in Moscow

Rui, an orangutan at the Frankfurt, Germany, zoo, defies anyone to touch her week-old infant.

Roland the seal bends over backward to please spectators during feeding time in the Berlin, Germany, zoo.

The first tapir to be born in the Munich, Germany, zoo in 20 years is being zealously watched over by its mother.
Munich tapir

Chi Chi, a giant panda purchased by a German animal dealer in Peking, China, waits in her cage in Germany in June for shipment to a U.S. zoo. The U.S. embargo on trade with Communist China prevented the animal from entering the country, however, and she was eventually sold to a British zoo.
Chi Chi

In the Year 1958

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The Robinson Library >> Science >> Zoology >> Zoos, Animal Parks, Etc.

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