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Ships of the United States Navy, A-Z

USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)
USS Constitution
(aka "Old Ironsides") the oldest commissioned naval vessel in the world

USS Forrestal
USS Forrestal (CV-59)
the first U.S. "super-carrier"

USS Independence
USS Independence

USS Missouri
USS Missouri
the last U.S. battleship to be launched, and the last to be decommissioned

USS Monitor
USS Monitor
the Union Navy's "cheesebox on a raft"

USS Nautilus
USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
the first nuclear powered ship in the world, and the first to cross under the North Pole

USS Sargo
USS Sargo (SSN-583)
the U.S. Navy's fifth nuclear submarine

USS Seawolf
USS Seawolf (SSN-575)
the second nuclear submarine in the U.S. Navy fleet

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