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Medicine in 1961

A Laplander has his blood checked for evidence of radioactive contamination at Helsinki University, in Finland, after the resumption of nuclear weapons testing by the U.S.S.R. The Laplanders' diet relies heavily on reindeer meat, and the reindeer's diet consists primarily of lichens, which tend to absorb radioactivity from fall-out.

testing for radioactivity

This 6,000,000-volt generator, which shoots penetrating x-rays into malignant tumors, was being built in 1961 for installation at Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital in San Angelo, Texas.

new cancer therapy

This "body function recorder" was developed in 1961 to aid busy hospital nursing staffs. The "transducer," attached to the ear of a critically ill or post-operative patient, automatically measures diastlic and systolic blood pressures, pulse rate, body temperature, and respiration. An alarm summons a nurse if high or low limits are exceeded in any of the variables.

body function recorder

By constantly recording five basic vital signs, this machine enables a nurse to care for up to ten patients at a time.

keeping track of vital signs

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