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On September 16th...

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1630 The Massachusetts village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston.

1782 The Great Seal of the United States was used for the first time.

Mexico1810 Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

1823 Historian Francis Parkman was born.

1838 James J. Hill, American railroad builder, was born.

1848 France abolished slavery in all of its colonies.

Overland Mail Company1858 An Overland Mail Company coach carrying both passengers and mail departed from Tipton, Missouri.

1890 Newswriter George Whitney Calhoun named Green Bay's professional football team the Packers.

Cherokee Strip Land Run1893 The Cherokee Strip Land Rush began.

1906 Roald Amundsen discovered the Magnetic South Pole.

1908 William Durant founded General Motors.

1919 The American Legion was incorporated by act of Congress.

Lauren Bacall1924 Actress Lauren Bacall was born.

Charles James Haughey1925 Charles James Haughey, Prime Minister of Ireland, was born.

1940 The Selective Service Act was passed by Congress.
Leo Durocher was suspended from Ebbetts Field for "inciting a riot."

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi1941 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi became the Shah of Iran following the forced abdication of his father.

John Francis McCormack1945 Operatic tenor John Francis McCormack died.

1950 The Cleveland Browns played their first NFL game (they beat Philadelphia 35-10).

1951 National League umpire Frank Dascoli cleared the Dogers bench, ejecting 15 players.

1953 The American League approved the St. Louis Browns move to become the Baltimore Orioles.

1955 The US Auto Club (USAC) was formed to oversee four major auto racing categories.

Malaysia1963 The Federation of Malaysia was formally inaugurated.

Richard Nixon1968 U.S. presidential candidate Richard Nixon appeared on the television show "Laugh-In."

Gerald Ford's Administration1974 U.S. President Gerald Ford announced a conditional amnesty for Vietnam War draft dodgers and deserters.
Phog Allen1974 Forrest Clare "Phog" Allen, long-time head basketball coach at the University of Kansas, died.

Papua New Guinea1975 Papua New Guinea gained independence from an Australian-administered UN trusteeship.

1976 The American Episcopal Church approved the ordination of women priests and bishops.

1981 "Miami Vice" premiered on NBC-TV.

Manuel Noriega1991 The United States trial of former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega began.

Millicent Fenwick1992 U.S. Congresswoman Millicent Fenwick died.

McGeorge Bundy1996 Presidential adviser McGeorge Bundy died.

2016 Playwright Edward Albee died.
2016 Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, former President of Italy, died.

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