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1453 The Turks captured Constantinople.

Bartolomeu Dias1500 A ship commanded by Bartolomeu Dias, Portuguese sailor who pioneered a sea route around Africa, was lost in a storm off Brazil.

Charles II1630 Charles II, King of England, was born.

1660 The monarchy was restored to England.

1721 South Carolina was formally incorporated as a royal colony.

Patrick Henry1736 Patrick Henry, hero of the American Revolution, was born.

1790 Rhode Island became the last of the original thirteen colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
Israel Putnam1790 Israel Putnam, American Revolutionary War general, died.

Josephine Bonaparte1814 Josephine de Beauharnais Bonaparte, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, died.

Humphry Davy1829 Chemist Humphry Davy died.

Wisconsin1848 Wisconsin became the 30th state.

Winfield Scott1866 U.S. General Winfield Scott died.

1874 Author G.K. Chesterton was born.

1900 The trademark "Escalator" was registered by Otis Elevator Company.

Bob Hope1903 Entertainer Bob Hope was born.

1916 U.S. forces invaded the Dominican Republic.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy1917 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, was born.

1922 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that organized baseball is a sport, not a business, and thus not subject to antitrust laws.

1939 Auto racer Al Unser Sr. was born.

1942 Bing Crosby recorded "White Christmas."
1942 Actor John Barrymore died.

Yul Brynner1951 Yul Brynner made his first stage appearance in the lead role of The King and I.
1951 Singer Fanny Brice died.

1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenziing Norgay became the first persons to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

1955 John Hinckley, attempted assassin of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, was born.

1956 Singer La Toya Jackson was born.

1957 Auto racer Bobby Hamilton was born.

1961 Singer Melissa Etheridge was born.

1963 Actress Lisa Whelchel was born.

1968 The U.S. Truth in Lending Act was signed into law.

1973 Thomas Bradley was elected the first black mayor of Los Angeles.

1977 Janet Guthrie became the first woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500.

1979 Actress Mary Pickford died.

1998 U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater died.

1999 The Space Shuttle Discovery completed the first ever docking with the International Space Station.

2004 The World War II Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C.

2008 Comedian Harvey Korman died.

Dennis Hopper2010 Actor Dennis Hopper died.

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