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Independence Day (Eritrea)

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Nicolaus Copernicus1543 Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus died.

1686 Physicist Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit was born.

1689 The English Parliament guaranteed freedom of religion for Protestants.

1743 French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat was born.

Silas Wright1795 American politician Silas Wright was born.

Queen Victoria1819 Queen Victoria of England was born.

1825 Biologist Thomas Henry Huxley was born.

1830 "Mary Had A Little Lamb" was published.
1830 The first passenger rail service in the United States was launched, between Baltimore and Elliots Mill, Maryland.

1832 The First Kingdom of Greece was declared.

John Randolph1833 American politician John Randolph died.

Samuel F.B. Morse1844 Samuel F.B. Morse sent the world's first telegraph message.

Zachary Taylor1846 General Zachary Taylor captured Monterey, Mexico.

SS Savannah1819 The SS Savannah departed from Savannah, Georgia, for Liverpool, England.

1854 Lincoln University, the first black college in the U.S., was founded by John Miller Dickey and Sarah Emlen Cresson.

1870 Jan Christiaan Smuts, South African statesman, was born.

HMS Challenger1876 The H.M.S. Challenger completed the first ever voyage to be undertaken for the purpose of studying the world's oceans.

William Lloyd Garrison1879 Journalist and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison died.

1883 The Brooklyn Bridge opened to traffic.

1908 Mafia boss Sam Giancona was born.

1918 American politician Coleman Young was born.

1921 Northern Ireland elected its first Parliament.

1924 Cartoonist Brad Anderson was born.
Victor Herbert1924 Composer/conductor/cellist Victor Herbert died.

Amy Johnson1930 British aviator Amy Johnson became the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia.

B&O Railroad1931 The first air conditioned passenger train went into service, on the B&O Railroad.

1938 Actor/comedian Tommy Chong was born.

1941 Singer Bob Dylan was born.

1943 Actor Gary Burghoff was born.

1944 Singer Patti LaBelle was born.

1945 Actress Priscilla Presley was born.

1951 Racial segregation in Washington, D.C., restaurants was ruled illegal.

1954 IBM announced a vacuum tube "electronic" brain that could perform 10 million operations an hour.

1955 Country singer Rosanne Cash was born.

1958 United Press and International News Service merged into United Press International.

1959 The first house with a built-in bomb shelter was exhibited, in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania.
1959 Empire Day was renamed Commonwealth Day in Great Britain.
John Foster Dulles1959 U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles died.

1965 The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a federal law allowing the Post Office to intercept communist propaganda was unconstitutional.

1969 Author Willy Ley died.

1974 Jazz musician Duke Ellington died.

Concorde1976 Air France from Paris and British Airways from London simultaneously began Concorde service to Dulles Airport, Washington, D.C.

Princess Margaret1978 Princess Margaret of Great Britain divorced her husband, the Earl of Snowdon.
1978 Actor Barry Atwater died.

1981 Actor George Jessel died.

1983 The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the government can deny tax breaks to schools that racially discriminate against students.

1984 Vince McMahon, Sr., founder of World Wrestling Entertainment, died.

Eritrea1993 Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia.

James Harold Wilson1995 James Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, died.

2008 Comedian Dick Martin died.

2016 Actor Burt Kwouk died.

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