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On May 16th...

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1527 Florence became a republic.

1568 Queen Mary of Scotland fled to England.

Charles Perrault1703 Author Charles Perrault died.

State of Franklin1785 The State of Franklin applied for admission to the Union.

1792 Denmark outlawed the slave trade.

William Seward1801 American statesman William Seward was born.

William Congreve1828 Inventor William Congreve died.

Oregon Trail1842 The first organized wagon train set out on the Oregon Trail.

Abraham Lincoln1860 Abraham Lincoln became the Republican Party candidate for President.

1863 The Battle of Champion's Hill was fought.

1866 The U.S. Congress authorized minting of a five-cent coin.

President Andrew Johnson1868 The U.S. Senate failed to impeach President Andrew Johnson, by one vote.

1881 The world's first electric tram went into service in Lichterfelder (near Berlin).

1905 Actor Henry Fonda was born.

1912 Author Studs Terkel was born.

1913 Jazz musician Woody Herman was born.

Liberace1919 Entertainer Liberace was born.

1928 Billy Martin, five-time manager of the New York Yankees, was born.

1929 The first Academy Awards* were handed out at a banquet held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Joseph Strauss1938 Joseph Strauss, designer of the Golden Gate Bridge, died.

1942 The world's first bazooka was produced.

1946 The Irving Berlin musical Annie Get Your Gun debuted on Broadway.

1951 Actor Pierce Brosnan was born.

1955 Gymnast Olga Korbut was born.
1955 Actress Debra Winger was born.
1955 Poet James Agee died.

Walt Whitman Bridge1957 The Walt Whitman Bridge was opened.

1963 Major L. Gordon Cooper landed safely after completing a 22-orbit space flight.

1965 The Campbell Soup Company introduced Spaghetti-O's.

1966 Singer Janet Jackson was born.
1966 Football player Thurman Thomas was born.

1969 Actor David Boreanaz was born.

1973 Actress Tori Spelling was born.

1984 Comedian Andy Kaufman died.

1986 Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) came back from the dead on "Dallas."

1990 Entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. died.
1990 Muppet creator Jim Henson died.

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