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1774 King Louis XV of France died.

1775 Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga.
1775 The Second Continental Congress met for the first time.

1798 Explorer George Vancouver died.

Paul Revere1818 Paul Revere, Revolutionary patriot and silversmith, died.

John Wilkes Booth1838 Actor-turned-assassin John Wilkes Booth was born.

Sepoy Rebellion1857 The "Sepoy Rebellion" began when Indian solaiders in Meerut rebelled against their British superiors.

Stonewall Jackson1863 Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson died.

Jefferson Davis1865 Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis was captured at Irwinsville, Georgia.

Transcontinental Railroad1869 The last spike of the Transcontinental Railroad was driven at Promontory Point, Utah.

1871 The Franco-Prussian war ended.

Victoria Woodhull1872 The Equal Rights Party nominated Victoria Woodhull as the first female presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Father Damien1873 Father Damien began ministering to the lepers of Hawaii.

Pullman Strike1894 Workers at the Pullman factory outside Chicago went on strike, sparking the first nationwide labor strike in U.S. history.

1898 Historian Ariel Durant was born.

Fred Astaire1899 Dancer/actor Fred Astaire was born.

1902 Film and television producer David O. Selznick was born.

1904 Journalist-explorer Henry Morton Stanley died.

1906 The Russian Duma (Parliament) met for the first time.

Mother's Day1908 The first "official" Mother's Day celebrations were held in Grafton, West Virginia, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

John Wesley Hyatt1920 John Wesley Hyatt, inventor of Celluloid, died.

1922 Dr. Ivy Williams became the first woman to be called to the English Bar.

1924 J. Edgar Hoover was appointed head of the F.B.I.

1930 Adler Planetarium opened in Chicago (the first in the U.S.).
1930 Sportscaster Pat Summerall was born.

1940 Germany invaded Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands.

Moina Belle Michael1944 Moina Belle Michael, creator of the Memorial Poppy, died.

1946 Singer Donovan Leitch was born.

Andrew Card1947 Andrew H. Card, Jr., U.S. Secretary of Transportation, was born.

1955 Mark David Chapman, killer of John Lennon, was born.

1957 Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious was born.

1958 U.S. Senator Rick Santorum was born.

1960 The atomic submarine USS Triton completed the first submerged circumnavigation of the globe.
1960 Bono, lead singer of U2, was born.

1973 Auto racer Dario Franchitti was born.

1975 Auto racer Helio Castroneves was born.

1977 Actress Joan Crawford died.

1983 The last new episode of "Laverne and Shirley" aired on ABC-TV.

1994 Nelson Mandela was sworn in as South Africa's first black President.
1994 Child murderer John Wayne Gacy was executed.

2012 Car designer/builder Carroll Shelby died.

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