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767 Pope Paul I died.

1476 Pope Paul IV was born.

King Henry VIII1491 King Henry VIII of England was born.

1519 King Charles I of Spain was elected Holy Roman Catholic Emperor Charles V.

Peter Paul Rubens1577 Painter Peter Paul Rubens was born.

1712 Writer Jean Jacques Rousseau was born.

Battle of Monmouth1778 The Battle of Monmouth was fought.

James Madison1836 James Madison, 4th President of the United States, died.

1846 The saxophone was patented by Antoine Joseph Sax.

1855 The Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Miami University.

1865 The Army of the Potomac was disbanded.

Buffalo Soldiers1866 The U.S. Congress authorized organization of two regiments of black soldiers.

Maria Mitchell1889 Maria Mitchell, the first female professional astronomer, died.

1891 Carl Spaatz, the first Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, was born.

1894 Labor Day was established as a holiday for federal employees.

1902 Composer Richard Rodgers was born.

1905 Anthropologist Ashley Montagu was born.

1914 Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated, touching off the First World War.

1919 The Treaty of Versailles was signed, formally ending World War I.

1926 Film director Mel Brooks was born.

1932 Actor Pat Morita was born.

1938 U.S. government official Leon Panetta was born.

1942 Dumont TV network began operations.

1946 Comedian Gilda Radner was born.

1948 The Berlin Airlift began.

1950 North Korean forces captured Seoul, South Korea.

1951 "Amos 'n' Andy" premiered on CBS-TV.

Mackinac Bridge1958 The Mackinac Bridge was dedicated.

1960 Football player John Elway was born.

1965 The Early Bird satellite began transmitting telephone and television signals.

1966 Actor John Cusack was born.

1967 Israel annexed East Jerusalem.

1968 Daniel Ellsberg was indicted for leaking Pentagon Papers.

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge1969 The lower level of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was opened to traffic.

1971 Businessman Elon Musk was born.

1975 Rod Serling, creator of "The Twilight Zone," died.

Air Force Academy1976 The first women entered the United States Air Force Academy.

2009 TV pitchman Billy Mays died.

2016 Guitarist Scotty Moore died.
2016 College basketball coach Pat Summitt died.

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