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1535 Pope Leo XI was born.

Martha Washington1731 Martha Washington, wife of President George Washington, was born.

1740 Author Marquis de Sade was born.

John Randolph1773 American politician John Randolph was born.

1815 U.S. Civil War General Philip Kearny was born.

1835 Pope Pius X was born.

1840 Novelist Thomas Hardy was born.

1851 Maine enacted the first prohibition law in the United States.

1857 James Gibbs patented a chain-stitch single-thread sewing machine.
Composer Edward Elger was born.

Robert E. Lee1862 Robert E. Lee took command of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

1875 James Augustine Healey became the first black Catholic Bishop in the U.S.

1882 Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi died.

1883 Chicago's "El" opened to traffic.

Grover Cleveland marries Frances Folsom1886 U.S. President Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom in the White House.

1904 Actor Johnny Weissmuller was born.

1913 Novelist Barbara Pym was born.

1924 Congress passed the Indian Citizenship Act, granting U.S. citizenship to all Native Americans born in the United States.

Swift Aircraft Company1928 Swift Aircraft Corporation organized.

Pete Conrad1930 Astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr., was born.

Babe Ruth1935 Baseball player Babe Ruth retired.

1937 Actress Sally Kellerman was born.

1940 King Constantine II of Greece was born.

1941 Actor Stacy Keach was born.
1941 Baseball player Lou Gehrig died.

1944 Composer Marvin Hamlisch was born.

1946 The Italian Republic was proclaimed.
1946 Peter Sutcliffe, aka "The Yorkshire Ripper," was born.

1948 Actor Jerry Mathers was born.

1950 Actress Joanna Gleason was born.

Queen Elizabeth II1953 Elizabeth II was formally crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland.

1955 Comedian Dana Carvey was born.

1956 Labor leader Matthew Woll died.

Surveyor Program1962 Surveyor 1 became the first spacecraft to make a "soft" landing on the Moon.

1972 Comedian Wayne Brady was born.

1987 Musician Sammy Kaye died.
Andres Segovia1987 Classical guitarist Andrés Segovia died.

1990 Actor Rex Harrison died.

1996 Game show host Ray Combs died.

1997 Timothy McVeigh was found guilty of the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.

2001 Actress Imogene Coca died.

2004 Ken Jennings began his 74-game winning streak on "Jeopardy."

2008 Blues guitarist Bo Diddley died.

2012 Actor Richard Dawson died.

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