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1651 Architect Inigo Jones died.

Isaac Newton1687 Isaac Newton's Principia was published by the Royal Society.

1775 The Continental Congress adopted the Olive Branch Petition.

Sylvester Graham1794 Sylvester Graham, advocate of vegetarianism and inventor of Graham crackers, was born.

David Farragut1801 U.S. naval hero David Farragut was born.

P.T. Barnum1810 Circus founder P. T. Barnum was born.

Venezuela1811 Venezuela gained its independence from Spain.

1814 American forces defeated British and Canadian forces at Chippewa, Ontario.

Joseph-Nicephore Niepce1833 Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce, inventor of photography, died.

1834 A provisional government was formed for Oregon Territory.

1841 Thomas Cook established the first travel agency.

1853 Cecil Rhodes, founder of De Beers, was born.

Monroe's romb1858 President James Monroe's remains were reinterred at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

1859 Captain N. C. Brooks discovered the Midway Islands.

1861 The Battle of Carthage (Missouri) was fought.

1865 The U.S. Secret Service was commissioned to investigate and suppress counterfeiting.

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.1902 U.S. Senator and Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. was born.

Milburn Stone1904 Actor Milburn Stone was born.

1909 Russian politician Andrei Gromyko was born.

1911 French President Georges Pompidou was born.

1917 Clyde Cessna set a U.S. speed record of 124.6 mph in flight from Blackwell, Oklahoma, to Wichita, Kansas, in a Comet.

1935 The National Labor Relations Board was created.
Tony and Al Cuccunello became the first brothers to hit home runs for opposing teams in the same game.

SPAM1937 SPAM was introduced to the public.

1945 The Philippines were declared liberated from Japanese occupation.

1946 Louis Reard introduced his bikini design at a Paris fashion show.

1947 Judge Joe Brown was born.

1948 Britain's National Health Service Act went into effect.

1950 The Law of Return was passed, guaranteeing all Jews the right to live in Israel.
1950 Musician Huey Lewis was born.

1951 William Shockley invented the junction transistor.
1951 Baseball player Goose Gossage was born.

Algeria1962 Algeria gained its independence from France.

1963 Actress Edie Falco was born.

1969 Architect Walter Gropius died.

1973 The James Bond movie Live and Let Die premiered.

Cape Verde1975 Cape Verde became independent of Portugal.

1989 The sitcom "Seinfeld" debuted on NBC.

2002 Baseball player Ted Williams died.

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