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1696 Tsar Ivan V of Russia died.

1730 Tsar Peter II of Russia died.

Henry Lee1756 Henry Lee, American Revolutionary War general, was born.

Albert Gallatin1761 Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, was born.

1773 Geologist Friedrich Mohs was born.

1802 John Beckley of Virginia was appointed as the first Librarian of Congress.

King George III1820 King George III of Great Britain died.

Timothy Pickering1829 Timothy Pickering, U.S. Secretary of State and Secretary of War, died.

President Andrew Jackson1834 President Andrew Jackson became the first to use military troops to suppress a labor dispute.

Edgar Allan Poe1845 Edgar Allan Poe's Raven was first published.

William McKinley1843 William McKinley, 25th President of the United States, was born.

Henry Clay1850 U.S. Senator Henry Clay introduced a compromise bill on slavery.

1856 Great Britain's Victoria Cross was established to acknowledge bravery.

1859 Clock maker Seth Thomas died.

Anton Chekhov1860 Playwright Anton Chekhov was born.

Kansas1861 Kansas was admitted as the 34th state.

1874 Businessman John D. Rockefeller, Jr. was born.

1879 Custer Battlefield National Monument was established.

1880 Actor W.C. Fields was born.

Karl Benz1886 The first successful gasoline-powered automobile was patented by Karl Benz.

1891 Liliuokalani was proclaimed Queen of Hawaii.

1896 Emile Grubbe became the first doctor to use radiation treatment for breast cancer.

1900 The American League (baseball) was organized.

1906 King Christian IX of Denmark died.

1912 Martial law was declared during a textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

1913 Actor Victor Mature was born.

1916 German Zeppelins bombed Paris, France.

1918 Actor John Forsythe was born.

1919 The 18th Amendment to the Constitution, establishing prohibition, was proclaimed.

1920 Walt Disney started his first job as an artist, with the Kansas City Slide Co. for $40 a week.

1923 Playwright Paddy Chayefsky was born.

1924 The ice cream cone rolling machine was patented by Carl Taylor Cleveland.

1927 Clyde Cessna retired as president of Travel Air.

1929 The Seeing Eye Guide Dog Organization was formed.

1933 Poet Sara Teasdale died.

Fritz Haber1934 Chemist Fritz Haber died.

1936 Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson became the first players elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

USS Missouri1944 The USS Missouri was launched.
1944 285 German bombers attacked London.
William Allen White1944 Newspaper publisher William Allen White died.

Tom Selleck1945 Actor Tom Selleck was born.

1953 The first movie in Cinemascope (The Robe) premiered.

1954 Talk show host Oprah Winfrey was born.

H.L. Mencken1956 Henry Louis Mencken, journalist and social critic, died.

1957 Ten persons were killed and another 47 injured when a boiler exploded on the oil tanker Jeanny while she was moored at a shipyard in Alameda, California.
Prince Charles1957 Prince Charles became the first heir to the British throne to ever enter a preparatory school.

Charles Raymond Starkweather1958 Charles Starkweather was captured, ending an 8-day murder spree that left 10 people dead.

1959 Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty was released.

1960 Olympic diver Greg Louganis was born.

1963 Poet Robert Frost died.

1964 The most lopsided high school basketball score to date was recorded -- 211-29, in Louisiana.
1964 Actor Alan Ladd died.

1977 Actor Freddie Prinze died.

1979 The rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer disbanded.

1982 Singer Adam Lambert was born.

James Rhyne Killian, Jr.1988 James R. Killian, Jr., president of M.I.T. and presidential science adviser, died.

1987 CIA Director William Casey died.

2008 Novelist Margaret Truman died.

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