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Nicolaus Copernicus1473 Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born.

1717 Actor David Garrick was born.

1803 Congress accepted Ohio's state constitution.

Aaron Burr1807 Vice-President Aaron Burr was arrested in Alabama for treason.

1831 The first practical U.S. coal-burning locomotive made its first trial run, in Pennsylvania.

Texas1846 Texas officially moved its seat of government to Austin.

Gainesville1864 Union troops captured Gainesville, Florida, during the Battle of Olustee.

1878 Thomas Edison received a patent for the gramophone (phonograph).

1881 Kansas became the first state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages.

W.K. Kellogg1906 W.K. Kellogg and Charles D. Bolin incorporated Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Cracker Jack1913 The first prize was inserted into a Cracker Jack box.

Frederick Funston1917 Frederick Funston, botanist and adventurer, died.

Joseph P. Kerwin1932 Astronaut Joseph P. Kerwin was born.

1933 Prussian minister Göring banned all Catholic newspapers.

1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the detention and internment of all west-coast Japanese-Americans.
1942 The New York Yankees announced that 5,000 uniformed soldiers would be admitted free at each of their upcoming home games.

Battle of Iwo Jima1945 U.S. marines stormed Iwo Jima.

1953 Georgia approved the first literature censorship board in the United States.

Andrew1960 Andrew, Duke of York, was born.

1965 The Cessna 188 Agwagon made its maiden flight, with R.D. Reagan.

1979 A Gates Learjet Model 29 crewed by Neal Armstrong, Pete Reynolds, and John Plunkett set a time-to-climb to 49,215-feet record.

Deng Xiaoping1997 Deng Xiaoping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, died.

Fidel Castro2008 Fidel Castro stepped down as President of Cuba due to poor health.

2016 Novelist Harper Lee died.

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