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1763 France surrendered Canada to Great Britain.

1774 Andrew Becker demonstrated a diving suit.

1775 Essayist and critic Charles Lamb was born.

1807 The U.S. Coast Survey was authorized by Congress.

1829 Pope Leo XII died.

Aleksandr Pushkin1799 Poet Aleksandr Pushkin died.

1855 All children of U.S. parents born abroad were granted US citizenship.

1863 Alanson Crane was granted a patent for his fire extinguisher.

William Allen White1868 Newspaper publisher William Allen White was born.

1870 The Young Women's Christian Association was formed.

1887 Businessman Michio Suzuki was born.

Boris Pasternak1890 Author Boris Pasternak was born.

1893 Comedian Jimmy Durante was born.
1893 Tennis player Bill Tilden was born.

Harold Macmillan1894 British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was born.

1897 The New York Times began using the slogan "All the News That's Fit to Print."

1906 Actor Lon Chaney, Jr. was born.

Joseph Lister1912 Joseph Lister, pioneer of antiseptic surgery, died.

Father Dominique Pire1919 Father Dominique Pire was born.

Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen1923 Physicist Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen died.

1927 Opera singer Leontyne Price was born.

1930 Actor Robert Wagner was born.

1933 The Postal Telegram Company of New York City delivered the first ever singing telegram.

1939 Singer Roberta Flack was born.
Pope Pius XI died.

1940 The first Tom and Jerry cartoon debuted.

Mark Spitz1950 Mark Spitz, U.S. Olympic swimmer, was born.

1956 "My Friend Flicka" premiered on CBS-TV.

1957 The Southern Christian Leadership Conference was formed.
Laura Ingalls Wilder1957 Author Laura Ingalls Wilder died.

1960 Jack Paar walked off the set of The Tonight Show during taping in protest of censorship by NBC-TV.
Sultan Ismail Ibni al Marhum1960 Ismail Ibni al Marnum was crowned Sultan of Johore.

1962 U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers was released by the Soviet Union as part of a "spy exchange."

1964 Bob Dylan released his The Times They Are a-Changin' album.

1967 The 25th Amendment, specifying the line of succession in case of the death or disability of the President, was ratified.

1992 Novelist Alex Haley died.

1996 IBM computer Deep Blue defeated chess champion Gary Kasparov.

2005 Playwright Arthur Miller died.

2008 Actor Roy Scheider died.

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