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Hernando Cortes1521 Hernando Cortés completed his conquest of the Aztecs.

1624 Cardinal Richelieu was appointed Chief Minister of France by Louis XIII.

1704 The Battle of Blenheim was fought.

1814 The Cape of Good Hope was formally ceded to the British by the Dutch.

Lucy Stone1818 Lucy Stone, women's rights and anti-slavery advocate, was born.

1860 Sharpshooter Annie Oakley was born.

Richard Wagner1876 The Ring of the Nibelung, a four-opera cycle by Richard Wagner, was performed for the first time at Bayreuth, Germany.

1889 William Gray patented the coin-operated telephone.

Bert Lahr1895 Actor Bert Lahr was born.

George Dewey1898 U.S. forces under Admiral George Dewey captured Manila, Philippines.

1899 Film director Alfred Hitchcock was born.

Florence Nightingale1910 Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, died.

Ben Hogan1912 Golfer Ben Hogan was born.

1913 Harry Brearley invented stainless steel.
Archbishop Makarios III1913 Mihail Christodolou Mouskos, aka Archbishop Makarios III, first President of the Republic of Cyprus, was born.

1914 Carl Wickman began Greyhound, the first U.S. bus line, in Minnesota.
1914 France declared war on Austria-Hungary.

1923 The Turkish National Congress selected Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Pasja as the first President of the Republic of Turkey.

Fidel Castro1926 Cuban leader Fidel Castro was born.

1930 Singer Don Ho was born.

1932 Adolf Hitler refused President Von Hindenburg's proposal to become Vice-Chancellor of Germany.

1944 Actor Kevin Tighe was born.

1946 Author H.G. Wells died.

Satchel Paige1948 Satchel Paige pitched his first Major League complete game.
Kathleen Battle1948 Operatic soprano Kathleen Battle was born.

1951 Musician Dan Fogelberg was born.

1959 Discoverer V was fired into polar orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
Verrazan-Narrows Bridge1959 Construction of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge began.
1959 Actor Danny Bonaduce was born.

1960 The first two-way conversation via satellite was undertaken using Echo 1.

Berlin Wall1961 East Germany began construction of the Berlin Wall.

1981 The last new episode of "The Waltons" aired on CBS-TV.

1985 Hotel chain founder J. Willard Marriott died.

Mickey Mantle1995 Baseball player Mickey Mantle died.

Julia Ward2004 Television chef Julia Child died.

2009 Electric guitar pioneer Les Paul died.

2010 Television newsman Edwin Newman died.

2012 Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown died.

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