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1450 The French defeated the English at the Battle of Formigny.

1452 Artist Leonardo da Vinci was born.

1684 Empress Catherine of Russia was born.

1689 French King Louis XIV declared war on Spain.

Charles Willson Peale1741 Portrait painter Charles Willson Peale was born.

1755 Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language was published in London.

1788 Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Prussia signed a peace treaty.

1814 Historian John Lothrop Motley was born.

1817 The first American school for the deaf opened in Hartford, Connecticut.

1843 Novelist Henry James was born.

1844 Architect Charles Bulfinch died.

1850 The city of San Francisco, California, was incorporated.

Abraham Lincoln1865 President Abraham Lincoln died, one day after being shot by John Wilkes Booth.

1877 The first telephone was installed, in Boston-Somerville, Massachusetts.

1878 Harley Procter introduced Ivory Soap.

Hugh Hammond Bennett1881 Hugh Hammond Bennett, the "father of soil conservation" was born.

Thomas Hart Benton1889 Painter Thomas Hart Benton was born.
Father Damien1889 Joseph de Veuster (Father Damien), missionary to the lepers of Hawaii, died.

1892 General Electric Company was incorporated in New York.

1896 The first modern Olympic Games closed in Athens, Greece.

1912 The ocean liner Titanic sank after having struck an iceberg.*
1912 North Korean leader Kim Il Sung was born.

1923 The first sound on film public performance was given at the Rialto Theater in New York City.

1924 Rand-McNally published its first road atlas.

John Singer Sargent1925 Painter John Singer Sargent died.

1933 Singer Roy Clark was born.

B-291943 The first production B-29 was completed at Boeing in Wichita, Kansas.

1944 Musician Dave Edmunds was born.

1945 The British Army liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen.
1945 U.S. troops liberated the concentration camp at Colditz.

1947 Jackie Robinson became the first black to play in a major league baseball game.

1949 Actor Wallace Beery died.

1955 The first McDonald's franchise* opened in Des Plaines, Illinois.

1964 The Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened.

1965 The NFL changed the penalty flag from white to bright gold.

1975 The San Diego Chicken* made his first appearance.

1983 Tokyo Disneyland opened.

1986 The United States launched "Operation El Dorado Canyon" against Libya.
J. Lindsay Almond, Jr.1898 J. Lindsay Almond, Jr., Governor of Virginia during that state's fight against school integration, died.

Hu Yaobang1989 Hu Yaobang, former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, died.

1990 "In Living Color" premiered on Fox-TV.
1990 Actress Greta Garbo died.

1992 Jay Leno made his final appearance as the permanent guest host on "The Tonight Show."

1998 Former Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot died.

2002 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White died.

Leonard Reiffel2017 Physicist and inventor Leonard Reiffel.

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