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1512 King James V of Scotland was born.

1585 Pope Gregory XIII died.

1790 The United States patent system was established.

Matthew C. Perry1794 Matthew C. Perry, American naval officer who opened Japan to world trade, was born.

1796 Frontiersman Jim Bowie was born.

1806 Revolutionary War General Horatio Gates died.

1816 The second Bank of the United States was chartered.

1827 Novelist Lew Wallace was born.

William Booth1829 William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, was born.

Horace Greeley1841 Horace Greeley established the New York Tribune.

Joseph Pulitzer1847 Newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer was born.

1849 Walter Hunt patented the safety pin.

Thomas Hart Benton1858 Politician Thomas Hart Benton died.

1866 The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals* was founded.

Siege of Magdala1868 British troops defeated the King of Abyssinia at Magdala.

Arbor Day1872 The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska.

Comanche1878 Comanche, one of the few horses to survive the Battle of the Little Bighorn, was declared a hero.

Frances Perkins1882 Frances Perkins, first female member of the U.S. Cabinet, was born.

Clare Boothe Luce1903 Clare Boothe Luce, playwright, Congresswoman, and first American female ambassador to a major country, was born.

1912 RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England.

1915 Actor Harry Morgan was born.

1916 The Professional Golfers Association of America was founded.

1921 Actor Chuck Connors was born.
1921 Singer Sheb Wooley was born.

1929 Actor Max von Sydow was born.

1932 Actor Omar Sharif was born.

1934 Football coach John Madden was born.

1938 Football player Don Meredith was born.

1951 Actor Steven Seagal was born.

1954 Auguste Lumière, co-inventor of motion pictures, died.

Akihito1959 Crown Prince Akihito of Japan married commoner Michiko Shoda.

1963 The U.S. atomic submarine Thresher and its crew was lost under the Atlantic.

1980 Auto racer Kasey Kahne was born.

1992 Comedian Sam Kinison was killed in a car accident.

2000 Actor Larry Linville died.

2010 Actress Dixie Carter died.

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