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Important Dates in Alaska

Historic Events in Alaska

1741 The second Vitus Bering expedition landed on Alaskan islands.

1784 Russians established the first white settlement in Alaska, on Kodiak Island.

1799 The Russian-American Company obtained a fur-trade charter from Russia.

1824-1825 In treaties with the United States and England, Russia agreed to recognize latitude 5440' as the southern boundary of Alaska.

1867, March 30 The United States purchased Alaska from Russia.

1884 Congress provided laws and a federal court for Alaska.

1897-1898 The Klondike and Alaska Gold Rush started.

1903 An international commission settled a dispute between the United States and Canada over the Alaska boundary.

1906 Alaskans elected their first delegate to the U.S. Congress.

1912 Congress established Alaska as a U.S. territory.

1923 The Alaska Railroad was completed.

1935 The federal government began a project to settle farmers in the Matanuska Valley.

1942 The Japanese bombed Dutch Harbor and invaded the Aleutians. The Alaska Highway was completed.

1958, June 30 Congress approved Alaskan statehood.
1958, July 8 President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Bill.
1958, August 26 Alaskans voted in favor of statehood.

1959, January 3 Alaska entered the Union as the 49th state.

1964, March 27 A severe earthquake caused widespread destruction in south-central Alaska.

1968 Large oil reserves were discovered near Prudhoe Bay.

1974 Construction began on a pipeline to carry oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. The pipeline was completed in 1977.

The Purchase of Alaska
President Dwight Eisenhower
Alaska Achieves Statehood

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