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An Overview of Gerald Ford's Administration

White House portrait of Gerald Ford

Ford had been Vice-President for only eight months when he took office as President. Despite the extremely unusual circumstances in which he gained the office, the American people warmly welcomed Ford to the presidency. He had a calm, friendly manner and an unquestioned reputation for honesty. But his popularity dropped sharply after he pardoned former President Richard Nixon for any and all federal crimes he may have committed while in office. Ford was also challenged by major economic problems and high unemployment. U.S. foreign policy suffered a major defeat in 1975, when the Vietnam War ended with a Communist victory.

The only person to serve as both Vice-President and President without being elected to either office, Ford lost his bid for a full term as President to James Earl Carter, Jr., in 1976.

His Vice-President and Cabinet
Vice-President Nelson A. Rockefeller
Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger
Secretary of the Treasury William E. Simon
Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger
Donald H. Rumsfeld (1975)
Attorney General William B. Saxbe
Edward H. Levi (1975)
Secretary of the Interior Rogers C.B. Morton
Stanley K. Hathaway (1975)
Thomas S. Kleppe (1975)
Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz
John A. Knebel (1976)
Secretary of Commerce Frederick B. Dent
Rogers C.B. Morton (1975)
Elliot L. Richardson (1975)
Secretary of Labor Peter J. Brennan
John T. Dunlop (1975)
W.J. USery, Jr. (1976)
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Caspar Weinberger
F. David Matthews (1975)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development James T. Lynn
Carla A. Hills (1975)
Secretary of Transportation Claude S. Brinegar
William T. Coleman, Jr. (1975)
United States Events During His Administration
Population in 1977 ~220,000,000
1974 Ford pardoned former President Richard Nixon for all federal crimes Nixon may have committed during his administration.
1974 Ford offered amnesty to draft dodgers and deserters of the Vietnam War period.
1974 The Council on Wage and Price Stability was established by Congress.
1975 The unmanned Viking 1 became the first U.S. spacecraft to land on Mars.
1975 Ford escaped two attempted assassinations in California.
1975 The MayagŁez, a U. S. merchant ship, was seized by Cambodian troops. U.S. troops quickly recaptured it.
1976 Americans celebrated the bicentennial of their nation's founding.
World Events During His Administration
1974 Turkish troops invaded Cyprus and took control of a large part of the island.
1975 Civil wars broke out in Angola and Lebanon.
1975 The Vietnam War ended when North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam.
1975 Manned U. S. Apollo and Soviet Soyuz space vehicles linked up in space in the Apollo Soyuz Test Project.
1975 Francisco Franco, ruler of Spain since 1936, died.
1976 Mao Tse-tung, leader of the Chinese Communist Revolution and ruler of China since 1949, died.

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The Robinson Library >> Gerald Ford's Administration, 1974-1977

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