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Chester Alan Arthur -- Early Life

Chester Alan Arthur was born in a very modest home in Fairfield Township, Vermont, on October 5, 1829, the fifth child and first son of William and Malvina (Stone) Arthur.

William Arthur was an itinerant Baptist minister and North Fairfield's 46-member congregation was iis first post. The Arthur family lived in a small cabin for more than a year while the Fairfield congregation finished the frame parsonage, and tt was in the cabin that Chester was born.

The birthplace of Chester Alan Arthur as it looked in about 1880.
Arthur Birthplace circa 1880

Today a granite monument stands next to a small two-room yellow house. Dedicated by Robert Todd Lincoln in 1903, the monument identifies the location where locals says Chester Alan Arthur was born. In 1950 the State of Vermont purchased additional land around the monument and the present building was recreated in 1953 using an old photograph of the house as a guide.
Chester Alan Arthur Historic Site

The family remained in Fairfield until 1832, when William was again sent onto the road. The itinerant lifestyle took the family to several towns in Vermont and upstate New York before it was once again able to settle down, this time in Schenectady, New York, in 1835.

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