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Andrew Johnson was a typical man of the frontier. A tailor by profession, he was the only President who had never gone to school. A serious man, he had neither tact nor humor, but he was honest, brave, and intelligent. An unshakable faith in the Constitution guided his actions during his 20 years as a U. S. Representative, a Governor, a President, and a U. S. Senator.

Andrew Johnson

Chronology of His Life and Career

Andrew Johnson Birthplace December 29, 1808 Born in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  ~1822 Apprenticed to a tailor.
A Johnson Tailor 1826 Moved to Greeneville, Tennessee.
  May 17, 1827 Married Eliza McCardle.
  1830-1833 Served as Alderman of Greeneville, Tennessee.
  1834 Elected Mayor of Greeneville.
  1835 Elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives.
  1839 Elected again to the Tennessee House of Representatives.
  1840 Campaigned as a Democratic elector-at-large for Martin Van Buren.
  1841 Elected to the Tennessee State Senate.
  1843-1853 Member of the U. S. House of Representatives.
  1853-1857 Governor of Tennessee.
  1857-1862 U. S. Senator.
  1861 Refused to secede with Tennessee.
  1862-1865 Military Governor of Tennessee.
  1864 Elected Vice-President of the United States.
Andrew Johnson's Administration April 15, 1865 Succeeded to the presidency.
  1868 Acquitted in impeachment trial.
  1869 Robert Johnson committed suicide.
  1874 Elected to the U. S. Senate.
Andrew Johnson's Grave July 31, 1875 Died at Carter Station, Tennessee.


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