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An Overview of John Quincy Adams' Administration

John Quincy Adams was never a popular President, chiefly because of his aloof manner. He didn't even try to defend himself against attacks by Andrew Jackson and his followers, feeling it was below the dignity of the President to engage in political debate.

White House portrait of John Quincy Adams

His Vice-President and Cabinet
Vice-President John C. Calhoun
Secretary of State Henry Clay
Secretary of the Treasury Richard Rush
Secretary of War James Barbour
Peter B. Porter (1828)
Attorney General William Wirt
Secretary of the Navy Samuel L. Southard
U. S. Events During His Administration
Population in 1825 11,252,237
1825 The first women's labor union was organized in New York City, New York.
1825 The Erie Canal was completed.
1828 The first passenger railroad in America, the Baltimore & Ohio, began laying track westward from Baltimore, Maryland.
1828 Noah Webster published his dictionary.
World Events During His Administration
1825 Czar Nicholas I of Russia crushed the Decembrist Uprising, a revolt of discontented nobles.
1826-1828 Russia invaded Persia, and won the land north of the Aras River.
1829 Russia defeated Turkey in war, gaining valuable ports on the Black Sea.


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The Robinson Library >> John Quincy Adams' Administration, 1825-1829

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