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An Overview of John Adams' Administration

As President, John Adams fought a split in his own party over his determination to avoid war with France. He kept the peace, but in the process he lost a second term as President.

White House portrait of John Adams, by John Trumbull
White House portrait of John Adams

Vice-President and Cabinet
Vice-President Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of State Timothy Pickering
John Marshall (1800)
Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott, Jr.
Samuel Dexter (1801)
Secretary of War James McHenry
Samuel Dexter (1800)
Attorney General Charles Lee
Secretary of the Navy Benjamin Stoddert
United States Events During His Administration
Territories Organized Mississippi (1798), Indiana (1800)
Population in 1797 4,900,000
1797 The XYZ Affair almost led to war with France.
1798 The 11th Amendment, limiting the powers of the federal courts, was proclaimed.
1798 The Department of the Navy was organized by Congress.
1798 The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed.
1798 Eli Whitney introduced the system of interchangeable parts in his firearms factory.
1798-1799 Kentucky and Virginia resolutions declared the Alien and Sedition Acts unconstitutional.
1800 The Capital was moved to Washington, D.C.
1800 The Library of Congress was established by Congress.
World Events During His Administration
1797 Andrč Garnerin of France made the world's first parachute jump from a balloon.
1798 Napoleon led an invasion of Egypt.
1798 French troops invaded the Swiss Republic.
1799 Napoleon became dictator of France.
1800 Spain restored Louisiana Province to France.
1801 Ireland became part of the United Kingdom.

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The Robinson Library >> John Adams' Administration

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