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Breeds, A-Z


The Arabian
breed has been recognized for thousands of years and has been maintained in its purity over those years so well that many more modern breeds can be traced back to a specific pair of Arabians. Because the Arabian was bred and reared in close contact with man from the beginning, it has an unequaled ability to bond with humans.

The Lipizzan
possesses beauty, nobility, courage, strength, ability, temperament and intelligence, qualities that make it one of the most graceful and popular show horses in the world.

is the name given to almost any breed of horse with a golden-colored coat and white mane and tail; the specific shade can range from dark gold to cream, with the exact allowable variation dependent upon which registry the owner uses.

The name Standardbred originated because the early trotters were required to reach a certain standard for the mile distance in order to be registered as part of the new breed. The Standardbred is still considered the best horse for harness racing because of the need for the horse to maintain a steady pace throughout the race -- the standard distance of which is one mile.

The Thoroughbred
can carry weight with sustained speed over extended distances. High-spirited and excitable, the Thoroughbred has powerful lungs and strong legs. All of these qualities together make the Thoroughbred one of the most popular breeds in the world of horse racing.

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